Great Scott! Eastwood’s son has arrived

The internet has been abuzz the past few days with coverage of the trailer for yet another adaptation of a Nicholas Sparks novel – this one is called The Longest Ride – the latest in a series of generically named romantic dramas and weepies, stretching back to the Kevin Costner/ Robin Wright starrer Message in a Bottle in 1999. There has been one almost every 2 years since then, with the biggest hits being The Notebook (2004) and Dear John (2010), which brought young hunks Ryan Gosling and Channing Tatum to the attention of female moviegoers worldwide. Now it looks like The Longest Ride will do the same for Clint Eastwood’s 28-year-old son, Scott when it releases in April next year.

Most of the articles about the trailer have headlines like “Scott Eastwood shows off his six-pack in…” and “Britt Robertson and Scott Eastwood Go The Distance in…”; E! Online’s headline is the best of the lot – “Scott Eastwood’s Hotness in The Longest Ride Trailer Is Ridiculous—Watch the Hunk Get Sexy & Shirtless!”. You get the picture. And if you haven’t, but want to, here’s the trailer:

Scott Eastwood has been appearing in films for sometime, mainly bit parts in his father’s films Flags of our Fathers, Gran Torino, Invictus and Trouble with the Curve. Partly because of the small roles and partly because he used to go by the name Scott Reeves, he has been largely unknown to the general public until now. Now he is picking up larger film roles, with 4 releases in 2014 alone. One of these was Brad Pitt’s war drama Fury in which he has a small but noticeable role and benefited from wide global release and significant commercial success.

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Next year, he has 3 films coming out, of which two – Mercury Plains and Diablo – appear to be generic crime films with limited prospects. So Eastwood Jr. will be hoping The Longest Ride will give him and his six-packs the kind of widespread exposure he needs in order to move up to bigger projects.

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