Captain America: The Winter Soldier trailer

The first trailer for Captain America: The Winter Soldier hit the internet yesterday, a day after the first poster was released, showing Cap about to jump off a plane. In fact, the opening scene of the trailer essentially kicks off from the poster, with Cap having a quick word with Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson, looking a bit more ‘homely’ with a new straight hairdo). He then jumps off and the two SHIELD guys point out that he’s jumped without a parachute!

We then shift to the political elements of the trailer with both Robert Redford’s character, Alexander Pierce and Nick Fury speaking to Cap. Right through, you know that both these guys are trying to use Cap to their own ends and purposes and Cap in turn is trying to get to the truth and do what he feels is right.

Then come shots of the inside of the SHIELD heli-carrier and soon after that begin the action sequences, including the introduction of Anthony Mackie as the Falcon and the Winter Soldier. The latter character is Cap’s ex-sidekick Bucky who was presumed KIA in the first movie, but now returns as a brainwashed assassin. The other new character is the mercenary code-named Crossbones, who features in the trailer in an interesting action snippet inside a lift.

The look of all the super-characters have been ‘normalized’ to fit into a real-world environment. So there are no fantastic costumes on display, just lots of drab looking armor. This is a bit disappointing, because I always thought The Falcon had a pretty cool costume in the comic books, whereas in the film he just looks like any other guy (good or bad) clad in black and grey. Even the brief glimpse of his wings snapping out as he jumps off a building didn’t seem that impressive.

So, unlike the technicolor WW2 period film that Captain America: The First Avenger was, the sequel seems to be a monochrome contemporary political action-thriller with no fantastical elements. Clearly, Marvel is trying to find a positioning for each of its films, with Thor (and the forthcoming Guardians of the Galaxy) on one end of the spectrum and the Captain America sequel on the other end. And of course, The Avengers sits in the middle with the full package – aliens, robots, mutations and gods – all fighting it out on modern-day Earth.

Getting back to The Winter Soldier trailer, it shows the apparent destruction of the SHIELD heli-carrier and I echoed the thoughts of many other online commentators who said “Oh no, not again! How do they have the money to keep rebuilding this thing!”. The final shot where Cap throws his shield at a fleeing Bucky/ Winter Soldier, who then whips around and catches the shield edge-on is pretty impressive. This is a big break for brothers Joe and Anthony Russo who have mainly directed TV shows so far.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier will be the first of 4 Marvel films being released in 2014. It comes out in April, followed by The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and the multi-starrer X-Men: Days of Future Past in May (the latter released a 6 sec Vine teaser today) and Guardians of the Galaxy in August.

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