The robots are coming, the robots are coming

A few months ago, fans of Guillermo del Toro’s upcoming monsters vs. robots movie Pacific Rim were thrilled to see blueprints of the fighting robots (known as ‘jaegers’ in the movie) pop up on the internet.

There are 5 jaegers as far as we know, each stationed in a different part of the world. Then this week, we have been seeing posters released one by one of 4 of the jaegers so far. These show the robots in color and in action.

Cherno Alpha is the Russian machine, stationed in Vladivostok. This is the ugliest robot of the lot with a strange elongated head structure. In general it looks blocky and very stereotypical Russian!

cherno alpha

cherno alpha











The Chinese robot Crimson Typhoon is based in HK. It looks pretty cool with the twin arms and the shoulder blades. The blueprint indicates it has 3 human pilots:-

crimson typhooncrimson typhoon bp











Coyote Tango is based in Japan. This jaeger looks quite humanoid and has two long tubes on its back. The poster clearly shows that they are rocket launchers:-

coyote tangocoyote tango bp











Sydney is the home base for Striker Eureka. This is the tallest jaeger at 104 m and apparently the most modern and powerful. The poster shows a barrage of missiles being fired from openings in its chest plate:-

striker eurekastriker eureka bp











And finally Gypsy Danger, the American jaeger is in Anchorage, Alaska. This one looks the most humanoid and well-proportioned. The poster for Gypsy Danger hasn’t yet been released. I assume it will happen in the next few days.

gypsy danger bp











The blueprints looked oh-so-real, down to the folds visible on the blueprint for Coyote Tango.

I assume that as we get closer to the release date in July, we may start seeing posters for the Kaiju (monsters) which come to earth through a dimensional rip at the bottom of our oceans. July 12th seems oh so far away!

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