Hopes for a new Hulk movie

Darkhorizons has just reported that Marvel has spoken about the possibility of a Hulk movie following the overwhelming positive feedback about Mark Ruffalo and the latest CGI interpretation of The Hulk in The Avengers.

I don’t find this talk surprising. My Top 10 Avengers moments features several scenes involving The Hulk. Mark Ruffalo’s portrayal came across as mature and empathetic. The CGI version of the Hulk came across as the most fluid of the lot – using Mark Ruffalo to motion-capture the movements obviously works better than how they have animated the big guy in the last 2 movies.

I am not so excited about the TV series idea. I am also not sure that Marvel can create an entertaining stand-alone Hulk movie. The reason Hulk works in The Avengers is partly because of the humor and partly because of the interaction with the other superheros. Some of the most memorable Hulk battles have been with other heroes, whereas in a stand-alone film we will invariably have to watch Hulk battle it out with the military again (yawn!). The only way I would watch Hulk in another military story-line is if General Ross transformed into the Red Hulk.

Another option would be to use a Hulk in combination with another Marvel character in a Marvel Team-Up franchise. I can already see Hulk and Sub-Mariner or Hulk and Power Man.

I am sure we will hear more from Marvel in the days to come, once The Avengers opens in the US & Canada. I expect there will be announcements about The Avengers 2 and possible spin-off films.

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