Go Hamilton, Go!

Very happy to see Lewis Hamilton in pole position for tomorrow’s Australian GP. All the winter testing speculation has now come to an end and we get to know what the real race pace is. Or rather, we will know the real race pace tomorrow and there have been occasions in the past when qualifying pace hasn’t translated to race performance. But safe to say that McLaren are in the lead pack and so is Mr. Schumacher, starting from #4 in his Mercedes. This year Mercedes will genuinely challenge for the title I think.

Nevertheless it is surprising to see Red Bull down in 5th and 6th. Vettel will certainly squeeze something more out of the car during the race.

Less surprising was the fact that Ferrari didn’t make it into the final round of qualifying…Massa didn’t make it past Q1 and Alonso put his car into the gravel in Q2. The fact that they were struggling was already evident during early practice. It will take a few races for them to get their act together, if at all.

But what on earth is Romain Grosjean and his Lotus-Renault doing in 3rd position? And if he is up there, then clearly the car is very good and although teammate Kimi Raikkonen doing down in 18th, it will only be a matter of time before Kimi shakes off the rust and starts to unlock the potential of the car in the next couple of races.

The Toro Rosso’s are showing some surprising pace and start from 10th and 11th with rookie drivers Ricciardo and Vergne. What a thrill it must be for them.

Am expecting the winner tomorrow to be either a McLaren, Mercedes or Red Bull. I’ll be rooting for McLaren and Hamilton, as usual!

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