Frankenweenie trailer

Just had a look at the Frankenweenie trailer.

I have to confess, I have never been a big fan of the Tim Burton/ Henry Selick school of animation, although I am a huge fan of Burton’s live action work.

In fact, I haven’t watched James and the Giant Peach, or Corpse Bride and I fast-forwarded through The Nightmare Before Christmas.

So, I guess it’s safe to say that I won’t be lining up to watch Frankenweenie. 

No doubt, the movie will be critically acclaimed, but will be interesting to see how it fares with the general public. It is Burton’s take on the Frankenstein story, with the creature/ monster replaced by the boy’s pet dog…sort of like a black comedy version of Pet Sematary! In fact, he originally wrote and directed this as a short film in 1984. It grabbed the attention of Warner Bros. with whom he went on to make Pee-wee’s Big Adventure, Beetlejuice and Batman. So, the story and the original film hold a very special place in Burton’s heart.

While I find the animation style unpleasant and creepy, one can’t help notice and appreciate the typical Burton touches – the nod to The Bride of Frankenstein…keep an eye out for the poodle who accidentally gets zapped by the dog, the suburban setting reminiscent of the town from Edward Scissorhands and of course, the voice talents of Winona Ryder and Catherine O’Hara, who last worked with Burton in Beetlejuice.

Frankenweenie hits theatres this year just in time for Halloween.

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